A plan to improve downtown Cheyenne is in the initial stages

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Next year, Cheyenne may look a little different. At least, the Downtown Development Authority/Main Street executive board hopes so.

Board President Sam Galeotos and Operations Manager Desiree Brothe discussed the future of the city’s development at a public stakeholders meeting, releasing what they called a draft strategic plan for downtown. It features a six-point plan encouraging commercial growth in 2018. The results of the report identify well-known barriers to the revitalization of downtown.

The plan will tackle ongoing parking disputes in the city, repair decaying infrastructure and support successful businesses. It will also appeal to young professionals, Brothe said.

The draft is the first step in an intricate process. Next steps include identifying a timeline for each project and seeking approval from board members.

“We will need to make sure we have the City Council and mayor on board, too,” Brothe said.

At the meeting, community members expressed hopeful skepticism. While many said they appreciated the plan and the possibility of a more vibrant downtown, they also showed concerns about the DDA’s budget and notorious inability to make lasting progress.

“Many of these things I heard at stakeholder meetings three years ago,” one attendee said.

DDA/Main Street’s operating budget for 2018 is $747,000, with more than half actively going to public projects. It is funded by the city, county and a mill levy supported by downtown businesses.

DDA/Main Street will continue to take comments from stakeholders and the public to work into a revised draft of the six-point plan.