Accident on Wyoming road project kills worker

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Billings, Mont. - A worker at a highway project in northern Wyoming has died from injuries he received when a falling rock hit him in the head.

Wyoming Transportation Department spokesman Cody Beers says the incident occurred Sept. 14 just west of the tunnels outside Cody.

The victim, Shane Powell, was taken to a hospital in Billings where he died last week.

Beers tells KULR-TV the Oregon man had his hard hat on at the time. The danger from the rock-fall is so great, traffic is stopped on both sides for twenty minute waits, to allow the rock scaling to continue.

Beers said the project will continue into November and seeks to remove more than ten thousand cubic yards of rock that poses a danger of falling on the roadway. Wyoming’s Department of Transportation started the million dollar rock removal project west of Cody in early September.