The fourth annual black studies forum of the African-American black film exposition

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The Sankofa African Heritage awareness group and the LCCC history department are hosting an African-American Black Film Exposition this month.

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The exposition is showing films like '500 Years Later', 'The Birth of a Movement' and 'The Birth of a Nation'.

The exposition is showing critically acclaimed films with African-American leads, showing how race has been in not only America, but around the world. Since the era of American slavery, the media have maintained undercover acts of propaganda in developing and portraying the image of African-Americans in film and entertainment. This bête noire characterization began in the late 1800s and set moral and social concepts morphing into discriminatory practices from then onward.

This festival is free to the public and is recommended for everyone to see these films. Dr. James Peebles, the Sankofa African Heritage Awareness founder, is holding these films at LCCC at the conferences and institutes. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

On Wednesday, February 14 James Baldwin's unpublished journal on racism in America - a post mortem story that had to be told titled 'I Am Not Your Negro' will play at 5:30 pm.

On Friday you get two feature films. a film by Alik Shahadah, '500 Years Later' this was filmed in five continents, taking you on a journey infused with the spirit and music of liberation. This will begin at 5:30pm

Following that film at 7:00 the PBS documentary 'The Birth of a Movement' which shows William Monroe Trotters battle to mobilize national censorship of 'The Birth of a Nation'.

On Saturday, February, 17th, the film 'The Birth of A Nation' will be shown. This film is documented and assailed as the most controversial motion picture ever to be produced in America, it is the film that divided America into black and white and sanctioned segregation and discriminatory practices forever.

For more information on the films and to see what else will be shown check out the interview from the morning show.