Albany County Deputy Involved in an On-Duty Deadly Shooting

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Robbie Ramirez, 39, was shot and killed yesterday on the 2100 block of Garfield in Laramie, WY. The family of the victim believes the deputy involved is Derek Colling. The Albany County Sherriff's Office and the District Attorney are not confirming, or denying the allegations against Colling.

Ramirez spent his life battling mental illness. The two reportedly graduated high school together, as the family of Ramirez believes Colling was aware of the victim's mental illness.

Mother of the victim, Debra Hinkel, claims she heard he tried to get home after a traffic stop. Hinkel, who's been the owner of a healing center for seven years, didn't support Albany County Sherriff O' Malley's decision to hire the deputy she heard is responsible for her son's death. However, she is supportive of the work O'Malley has done to help make sure officers are trained in how to handle people who suffer from a mental illness.

According to previous media reports, Colling was fired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2011 for beating a videographer who refused to turned his camera off during a police incident.

Colling was also involved in a police shooting in 2006, of an unarmed boy. However, he was cleared of any charges.