An overview of Wyoming tourism for 2017

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - With national parks and iconic events like Cheyenne Frontier Days, Wyoming is a draw for tourism.

Tia Troy, Wyoming Office of Tourism, says, "Wyoming is a rich destination that is full of iconic wonders. Our natural icons really draw people to Wyoming, but when people come here and experience our warm western hospitality...there is something that is authentically different.”

The Wyoming Office of Tourism's integrated campaign reached nearly 98 million households and had a 24 percent increase over the prior year.

Not only was 2017 successful overall, but the solar eclipse also drew in new travelers.

Troy explains, “The eclipse was great because it brought people to Wyoming, but numbers aside, it really put Wyoming on this national and international stage.”

The Office of Tourism hopes 2018 will even be more successful.