Appeals court rules Riverton not part of reservation

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The 10th circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has ruled Riverton is not part of the Wind River Reservation. It's a case that's caused division among leaders on the Reservation and Riverton. Lawmakers say it’s time to move forward.

Governor Matt Mead and Senator Eli Bebout are both pleased with the ruling, Both saying the EPA overstepped its authority when determining the Riverton fell under the reservation under the 2013 clean air act. While Representative Jim Allen and Senator Cale Case say they're not surprised with the ruling, they will continue to work with the tribes.

“One side was going to win and one side's going to lose,” Governor Matt Mead said, “But both the tribes and I committed that whatever the decision is, we have to move forward in a positive tone and I know the tribes are committed to that.”

We spoke with Governor Mead about this decision as well as the lack of funding allocated to the tribal liaison program under the supplemental budget. He says he's confident relations between the state and both tribes will remain positive.