Archer Events Facility makes progress

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.(RELEASE)- When Laramie County voters passed proposition four in the county's sixth-penny sales tax special election last spring, they approved funding for a $9.9 million multi-purpose event facility east of Cheyenne near the county’s Archer Recreation Complex and the Laramie County Fairgrounds. Since that time, the staff and board of the Laramie County Fair, in conjunction with the Laramie County Commissioners, have been working on a plan to construct the facility in time for the 2019 Laramie County Fair.

Timeline of completed activities:

October 25, 2017
The design committee, consisting of Priefert Complex Designs, LLC, AVI Engineering, Inberg-Miller Engineers, Tobin & Associates, P.C., Norris Design, Godwin Associates and Amec Foster Wheeler, met to review the initial design phases of the Archer Events Facility and become acquainted with each member of the team and discuss the logistics surrounding the project.

December 2017
Request for Qualification was available for interested Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) applicants; seven local contractors applied.

January 9, 2018
The selection committee made up of Laramie County Fair staff and board members, Priefert Complex Designs and a county commissioner, interviewed four contractors and ultimately awarded the project to 5R Construction.

To date, design – including audio and IT plans – is 30 percent complete.

In an effort to keep taxpayers up-to-date on further development of the Archer Events Facility, the staff at the Laramie County Fair will provide periodic press releases.