Boeing tests out the largest 787 in Cheyenne

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Most people don't choose to fly on an extremely windy day; however, that is what Boeing's 787 Chief Pilot did. He came from Seattle to Cheyenne, all for the wind.

Tim Berg, 787 Chief Pilot, says, "We saw that there was a big wind storm headed this way, so we called the airport manager Sunday and arranged to come here and it was the perfect winds for what we were looking at. This is our second 787-10. We brought it here to Cheyenne to test the airplane’s auto-land system in high winds."

The 787-10 is the longest 787 made, is designed to hold about 330 people, and fly around seven thousand miles. We now know it also handles wind well.

Berg explains, "The airplane bounces around a little bit, but the flight controls are designed to smooth that out. They worked really well, so we were very happy."

Despite the wind, the plane was able to land smoothly on the runway every single time. Though the plane is looking good, Boeing has a few more weeks of auto-land and high-wind testing to do.

Boeing plans to certify the 787-10 and start delivering it to customers in the first half of next year.