Cheyenne Police Chief hopes to tackle speeding

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak presented the department's annual report Thursday, February 22 at the Public Safety Center.

Kozak says their department continuously looks at data and patterns throughout the year to see how they can improve.

There are several accomplishments and challenges the department recognized, but the chief says one of their biggest challenges he hopes to tackle this year is reducing the number of drivers speeding in the community. He said, "That's the number one concern our mayor heard when she was campaigning for her election. People were talking about too many people are speeding around here." He added, "That's an important concern. We're trying to address it this year."

Kozak said the amount of people speeding during this time of year is already well over what it was last year (about 300%). In just one night during a visible traffic enforcement, CPD reported nearly 30 citations in less than four hours.

In 2017, CPD issued 1,327 speeding tickets and 6,806 other traffic tickets and those numbers are expected to be higher this year due to increased enforcement operations.

The goal, according to Kozak, is not to hide and catch people speeding to give them tickets. He says their goal is to let drivers know that they are out there and make sure all drivers are checking how fast they are driving.

Some of the department's biggest accomplishments, according to Kozak, included reducing DUI crashes to help make our streets safer and almost doubling the amount of followers on their social media to get the community aware of what's happening in the Cheyenne community.

Chief Kozak says another challenge officers are facing is a higher number of calls, especially when dealing with people who are suicidal or dealing with a crisis. He says there is a lack of resources in the community to help deal with the problem.

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