Public School Options Capital Day

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Cheyenne, Wyo - Parents and kids made their way to the Jonah Center today to give lawmakers letters, and to remind them of the importance of allowing parents to have a choice in the education of their children. came together Wednesday with local leaders to speak on the importance of education and funding.

The event began at 10:00 a.m. at the Cheyenne Depot Museum. And after heard from leaders in the community, they rode the trolley to hand-deliver their letters to our legislators.

Their hope is that their words and their presence will influence lawmakers to vote in favor of bills that will help fund public education. Because they say that virtual school, as well as many others, are state funded. And online education is growing across Wyoming

"When you have the people in front of you that the law effect," Amy Nelson, President of Wyoming Public School Options said. "They take it a little more personally because they understand this is a big deal."