Cheyenne Animal Shelter receives grants for new equipment

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has announced their receipt of a new grant of $25,000 from PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America. This funding is designed to help the Shelter transport and relocate pets so they can find forever homes.

On a typical day, the Shelter can receive twice as many animals as are adopted out. In Fiscal Year 2017, the Shelter received approximately 5,400 animals. If trends continue for Fiscal Year 2018, the numbers are expected to reach between six and seven thousand animals, which is where transportation is important.

“This money has given us the ability to purchase a truck to pull a trailer,” said Chelsey Fletcher, Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s Director of Operations. “Kennels will be placed in the trailer, allowing us to increase the number of animals we can safely transport in various situations. When we are facing overcrowding, animals can be transported to other shelters and rescues. We will also be able to move animals from other rescues when we have space and assisting other shelters in saving animal lives.”

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter will also gain the ability to transport greater numbers of animals when Animal Control officers respond to hoarding cases. As well, the Shelter will be able to assist during disasters that may occur – locally or nearby -- such as flooding, tornadoes or fire evacuations providing the capability to move large numbers of animals to safer places.

Pet Transport is one of PetSmart Charities’ ten new grant categories designed to provide year-round opportunities for animal welfare organizations and non-profits to apply for funding support. Funding from PetSmart Charities can help to cover the costs associated with pet transportation, veterinary and shelter care and vehicle maintenance and modifications. With the help of its animal welfare partners, since 1994, PetSmart Charities has helped more than 7.4 million pets in need find forever homes.