Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club announces Youth of the Year

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The Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne is celebrating youth art and leadership. The club is announcing the 2018 Youth of the Year for Cheyenne. South High sophomore, 15 year old Michael Martinez-Montano won the prize on January 9th.

Along with the Youth of the Year competition, club members competed in a Fine Art, Digital Art, and Photography show at the Laramie County Library.

The five competitors for Youth of the Year, including Martinez-Montano, are judged on strength of essays, interview questions, and speech preparation by a group of community volunteers. The Youth of the Year competition is the highest honor a Club member can receive.

For Michael, this isn’t the first time down this road - he also won the competition last year.

Michael says that the hard work involved with the competition allows him to make a positive impact in his community.

"Being younger, I don't feel like I have the ability to do as much if it's just a 15 year old who attends school and gets bad grades.” Martinez-Montano tells CBS NewsChannel 5, “I feel if you are seen as more respected and mature, then people will listen to you more and you'll be more impactful."

Michael will move on to the State competition, held in Cheyenne in March.