Cheyenne central trailer park update

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The Central Trailer Park in Cheyenne that has been targeted by the city for poor living conditions and in some cases, unlivable, is still receiving much needed help from the community.

Several groups are working to help the families, including True Vine community church, COMEA shelter, Family Promise and Lynn Buys Houses.

There is also a new account at Jonah Bank under the name "Cheyenne Cares" which anyone can donate to that will go directly to the families in need at the trailer park.

Bob Wink, the owner of the trailer park, is continuing to work on renovating the current trailers at the park so they can be up to city code. As for the City of Cheyenne, they are working on a 10-month plan to save the trailer park.

And, since Thanksgiving is almost a week away, the True Vine Community Church will be making boxes with a turkey, and the traditional fixings to give to the families at the trailer park.