Cheyenne Fire Rescue participates in ice rescue training

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Fortunately Cheyenne Fire Rescue doesn't respond to many, if any, calls for people falling through the ice. Though, last year they did respond to a dog that fell through.

However, Cheyenne Fire Rescue needs to be able to respond to anything that they're called out for. During the training, they are responsible for rescuing two people.
One person simulates a struggling and conscious victim, while the other pretends to be unconscious.Those who are sent out to perform the rescue wear dry suits that also increase buoyancy.

Brandon Braisted, an engineer with Cheyenne Fire Rescue said, "We definitely recommend that people stay off the ice as much as possible, but if they're going to be out there, doing their ice fishing and stuff, that they be familiar with the different types of ice."

Here are a few tips to keep those response calls low for Cheyenne Fire Rescue. Pay attention to the ice. Clear ice is the strongest. If you can see through it to the water below that's a good sign. If the ice has a lot of cracks, you should definitely stay off of it. If you see someone fall through the ice call 911 right away. And never go out on the ice to help anyone wait for first responders to get there.