Here are some ways to keep your house safe from cooking fires

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CHEYENNE, Wyo In our monthly series with Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, Byron Mathews stopped by the studio to give us some holiday cooking safety advice.

Photo courtesy: MGN

This year roughly 44 to 45 millions people will be cooking turkeys, whether its in the oven or deep-fried they will be cooked.

Thanksgiving is the peak time for cooking fires to begin. A reason this happens so often is because, people are paying attention to family things and catching up. A lot of times we are looking at the things around the stove, like oven mitts.

If you are going to deep fry a turkey since is it supposed to be nice out, it's the perfect time to fry it outside. If weather is not permitting you and you have to do it in a garage or in the house, make sure the oil level is right where it needs to be. Be careful when putting the dry turkey into the oil as it will be hot and can jump out of the pot.

To make sure you and your family stays safe this Thanksgiving while cooking, turn handles back where they are out of reach, make sure no oven mitts or paper towels are near burners on the stove, and check on the turkey or anything in the oven to make sure nothing can catch fire.

For more information check the interview on the morning show.