Cheyenne Municipal Court moves to temporary location

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- The Cheyenne Municipal Court plans to open and get back to running at their new temporary location January 2, 2018.

The transition from 309 West 20th Street to the Cheyenne Municipal Building located at 2101 O'Neil Avenue is a temporary location while the court moves to make room for an additional district judge and county courtroom at the Laramie County Courthouse.

City of Cheyenne Public Information Officer Michael Skinner says the Municipal Court staff have been in the process of moving into the building where City Council Chambers are located. Although Cheyenne City Council will move their offices to room 108 on the opposite side of the building, the council will continue to hold their regular meetings in the same area.

Skinner said, "So far, it's been a pretty natural transition over to the Municipal Building. We're happy to have them back." He went on to say the Municipal Court had been in the building before more than 20 years ago.

With the transition, the building is currently seeing some changes to make sure business runs smoothly. Skinner said that includes an updated lobby area with security, new carpeting, wiring and bathrooms among others. Skinner said only those heading to Municipal Court will have to go through security. Municipal Court offices will be located in the previous city council office rooms, and the Municipal Court Judge's Chambers will be located where committee meetings took place across the hall.

Skinner added, "It's really important to know even though the location has changed. That purpose of serving the people, as they did before, remains the same."

A decision for a permanent location for the Cheyenne Municipal Court has not yet been made.

Skinner says bills bills that are not past due may be paid online at, and citations that are past due can be paid by Certified Check or Money Order through the mail to 2101 O’Neil Ave, room #115.