Cheyenne Regional Airport Update

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - Although there is still no confirmed date or airline, the Cheyenne Regional Airport Director says they are working closely with TSA. And they may be able to extend the 90-day deadline.

(Image Source: DHS / MGN)

"They were surprised at how busy we are," Tim Barth says of TSA. "Even though Great Lakes is no longer serving us, because we do have a number of charter flight that operate in and out."

Airport officials met with TSA and representatives from Washington on Wednesday to discuss keeping TSA at the airport. They discussed the number of football teams and other charters that will be coming into the Cheyenne Regional Airport come August.

Airport officials would not comment on the names of airlines, but they say they are talking to 7-8 different aircraft carriers.

"We want to take our time," Barth said. "We want to make sure that we are finding an airline that is a good fit for the community, that can pass all of our tests for safety, reliability, on time performance, as well as being competitive with airfare. So we want to check off every one of those boxes before we bring in an air carrier to Cheyenne."