Cheyenne couple asks for a re-trial in child abuse case

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- A Cheyenne couple is asking for a new trial after being sentenced to prison in October of 2016.

Emily and Dennis Larkins

Emily and Dennis Larkins say they were misrepresented in their trial and are asking their case to be heard by the Wyoming Supreme Court. However before it can get there, evidence must be submitted in Laramie County District Court.

The State and Defense have until January 12 to file closing briefs that will include any evidence needed in their respected cases. The District Court Judge then has until February to decide whether evidence of misrepresentation is present. If so, the case will be sent to the Wyoming Supreme Court.

If the case makes it to the higher court system, the Supreme Court will review claims of misrepresentation and decide if the Larkins’ case will get a new trial.

On Tuesday (December 21) a court order allowed deputies to pull Dennis from jail so he could attend a preliminary hearing on the appeal review.

During the appeal process, both Emily and Dennis will remain in jail.

The couple was sentenced last year for multiple counts of child abuse and abusing a vulnerable adult. The Larkins were charged after their teenage daughter showed school officials a photograph of a large, dark bruise on her younger brother.

The case gained a lot of attention because at the time, Emily Larkins was a chairwoman of a Laramie County organization that helps low-income families and children.

Dennis Larkins also has a felony criminal record; he was sentenced to three to five years in prison.

The judge sentenced Emily Larkins to 18 to 36 months in prison.

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