Cheyenne firefighters and the city trying to get new contract agreement

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The Cheyenne firefighters and the City of Cheyenne are still trying to get a new contract agreement finished. The main concern with the contract is the insurance. In previous years, the city had two insurance options, one being a premium plan that the firefighters used. Now, since the health care costs have gone up, the city was not able to afford those same two plans and has since then switched to a new health care provider, United. And, with this new provider, there is only one plan option, not a premium plan that the firefighters used to have and want.

The firefighters union claimed that by doing that, the city violated the firefighters contracts and ignored the dangers of their jobs. That was back in July. Last week, city council president Dicky Shanor introduced a resolution that would have the city pay about $120,000 to members of the local firefighters union in lieu of taking a complaint over the loss of a non-deductible plan to arbitration. This would give 88 firefighters $1,360 each, while also maintaining that the city did not violate its agreement with the union.

This resolution is currently going through the city finance committee and then eventually going to the city council for a final vote.