Cheyenne wins a Tree City USA Growth Award

Cheyenne, Wy- The Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division was named a 2017 Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. In order to earn this recognition the city needed to meet four requirements. First, there needed to be a tree board or department. Second, a tree-care ordinance, and an annual community forestry budget of a least two dollars per capita. Last but not least, there also needed to be an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

Cheyenne residents have always been in favor of adding more trees to our infrastructure. In fact, our city holds its self to high tree care standards. Mark Ellison a forester from the City of Cheyenne says " We take care of our trees and we go over and beyond to maintain a healthy community forrest in Cheyenne."

The National Arbor Day Foundation recognized our city an official Tree City and Growth Award winner. Here is a fun fact for you, Cheyenne is actually the oldest Tree City in the state. This Growth Award is for demonstrating environmental improvement. Cheyenne continues to play a large role in environmental improvement.

'This year we assisted in the downtown DDA with their tree care. We help them do tree inventory and assist them with some projects they have. We also established a new tree planting program this year called Rooted in Cheyenne's Trees" say Ellison.

The relationship between Cheyenne and the National Arbor Day Foundation dates all the way back to 1882. "We had the first Arbor Day back in 1882. The first Arbor Day in the country was in 1872. We had an Arbor Day ten years after that. We have a long history of celebrating Arbor Day here and it is one that we are proud of and want to continue."

If you are wanting to join in on the Arbor Day festivities, volunteer your time, or just support trees in Wyoming there are two dates you should mark on your calendar. April 30th is the Cheyenne Rooted in Trees. This community based tree planting program helps maintain our canopy in places where trees have likely died. For more information on how you can be apart of this event please visit the links.

The second event is Arbor Day on May 19th. This event will continue to bring awareness on the importance of trees in our area and the benefits that they provide us every single day.