Cheyenne's National Weather Service Radar gets major upgrade

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. - The Next Generation Radar or NEXRAD here in Cheyenne will receive four major upgrades over a five month period. The first of the four upgrades will be a signal processor, which processes the signal received by the radar after transmitting. This signal processor determines what the radar received and then sends it on to another series of processors before the radar image is seen. This first upgrade will take about a week to finish, meaning during that time, the radar will be down. However, there are other radar's available to cover the area, just for this reason. The radar in Riverton, Denver, North Platte and Rapid City will be used by the weather service during this time.

The other of the four upgrades will include the transmitter, pedestal, which includes several parts that helps the antenna rotate and operate, and the equipment shelter, which houses all of the equipment to make the radar run.

The NEXRAD radar was introduced back in 1988, becoming the first radar to have Doppler capability, meaning it can determine where an object is moving and how fast. This is a huge part of finding storms that have rotation and the potential to produce a tornado.