City finishes phase one of chip seal process

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- "We're trying to do the best service we can with the taxpayers dollars." Those were the words of City of Cheyenne Construction Manager Engineer Sam Berta when discussing the new chip seal process to help maintain city roads. Berta says the surface treatment is a simple process that will help extend the life of the roadway.

Credit: City of Cheyenne

Phase one of the project started near the end of August 2017 and has wrapped up. The roadway lines are now freshly painted and speeds on particular roads have returned back to normal. The speeds were reduced earlier to prevent windshields from getting chipped from the rock that was sprinkled on top of the oil.

Berta says the chip seal treatment is about 1/10th of the cost compared to a normal reconstruction of a roadway. He says this will help the repair process cover a larger area and more miles at once instead of a small portion of complete reconstruction in comparison.

"What the chip seal process actually does, the main thing it does, it coats or seals the road," according to Berta. He says just like any road, the main cause of deterioration is from moisture. He says when water gets into it, freezes and thaws, it breaks up the road. Berta says the chip seal process will make sure there's a coat of protection on top of the actual pavement, helping to extend its life.

The standard chip seal is expected to last 5-7 years, according to engineers, but Berta is hopeful that with the granite rock and extra coat of oil, he hopes it will extend the road surface up to 10 years. Berta says, obviously a standard reconstruct would have a longer life-span since new material is put down, but he says the cost slows their ability to repair roads quicker.

Berta added, "We'll see chip seals from here on out. I think it's a great product and we will continue to use it in the future."

Roads with the new chip seal surface include Storey Blvd., Converse Ave., Gardenia Dr., and Evans Ave. The next chip seal phase will begin next summer on roads including Nationway and Windmill.