City of Cheyenne Hosts Building with a Purpose

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - City officials hosted Building with a Purpose at the Depot Tuesday night.

Building with a Purpose aims to bring together entrepreneurs and building owners to revitalize the downtown area in one of the final steps of the Mayor's Challenge.

They explained Crowdfunding, gave potential investors different options, and took anyone interested through a hypothetical scenario.

"We're just hoping to bring that sense of community and vibrancy to downtown that we feel, and we know, could be improved," Michael Skinner with the City of Cheyenne. "It comes down to the financial resources. With some of these buildings they've been unoccupied for so long. So the longer that their unoccupied, the more maintenance that needs to go into them to bring them up to speed to then bring in any entrepreneurs."

Following the meeting, city officials are submitting a final application to Bloomberg Philanthropies to see if they will will the $1-5 million to fully implement their idea.