City on stand-by for winter weather conditions

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- As winter approaches, Cheyenne is bound to see more winter weather on its way.

With snow expected Monday, November 6 and into the early morning, Cheyenne Street and Alley say they have ten plows ready to hit the streets. The department says they want to ensure all streets are safe and ready to go for people driving to work and taking the kids to school.

Although Cheyenne will only see a light snow, Street and Alley say drivers should still take caution and be aware that with warmer streets, the snow could melt and easily turn to ice.

City spokesman Scott Smith said, "When you have snow and ice, we want people to take their time." He added, "If you leave to work at 7:30 a.m... give yourself some extra time to make sure you get there safely."

Smith also says drivers should be aware of large plows back on the streets as we dive into more winter conditions this season. He says drivers should give plows distance and be hesitant when passing one. Not only could it result in a plow having to redo the path, but Smith says many times the drivers in the plows cannot see the other vehicles behind them.

Street and Alley says their crew will adjust their hours to work two 12 hour shifts to maintain roads.