Computer Science Education

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - As technology continues to advance across the state, lawmakers are making efforts to get the momentum going on computer science education.

Senate file 29 would add computer science and computational thinking to the state education program. And it would take the place of typing classes.

Industry partners like Apple and Microsoft have told education officials they will help in any way they can to get the courses in the state education program.

Lawmakers say computer science is a key to economic diversity.

The bill was first discussed three years ago with the joint education committee. But lawmakers and education officials have worked hard to make sure the bill is ready.

"No matter if those folks were from construction or communications or banking," Jillian Balow said, "they all agreed that computer science is a skill that the workers of tomorrow need to posses."

The bill passed it's final reading on Thursday, and will now be reviewed by the governor.

Wyoming would one of the first states to have this requirement.