Construction of Veteran's Skilled Nursing Center delayed by Legislature

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- The Wyoming House is shaking up plans a Senate bill had for building a skilled nursing center for veterans.

The bill that passed the Senate included language that the project would be studied, planned, designed, constructed and operated once passed.

However, the House voted to change that description to only include the study for now. As passed the bill would only approve $300,000 from the general fund to be used by the state construction department to conduct level I and II planning and design for the center.

This change was sent back to the Senate Floor for approval. Senator Meir explained to his colleagues that the House believes more research needs to be done before construction can begin. However, he said that this won’t be just another study on the shelf if they do their duty next session. Adding, “The state of Wyoming is cued up and the federals funds and we are going to be moved right to the top of the list after we do everything we needed to do."

After Senator Meier took the floor, a vote was held for concurrence on the House changes and it was a unanimous yes from everyone present.

With this final approval, the construction phase of the center is out of the bill and will be brought up again next session.

During the 2018 interim, the labor, health and social services
interim committee and the department of health will conduct a joint study examining the availability of personnel to staff a veterans' skilled nursing center, the availability of nursing home beds in various locations of the state and the potential demand by veterans for a skilled nursing center in various locations of the state. The labor, health and social services interim committee is expected to present their findings to the joint transportation, highway and military affairs interim committee by October 15, 2018.

Any funds not used from the $300,000 study appropriation shall revert directly back to the general fund.

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