Could big changes be coming to Cheyenne

WalkingGeek / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Cheyenne (KGWN) - Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having an amazing start to their week! We had an absolutely incredible Thanksgiving weekend as the Capital City set two record highs on both Thursday and Sunday. But those balmy temperatures will be a thing of the past come next week as we are tracking possible snow chances here in Cheyenne as well as very cold temperatures. In the meantime, temperatures will still be above average just not to the degree they were over the holiday. The Capital City also will be staying dry overall this week as well.
Let’s move now to the changes that lie on the horizon next week. For the past few weeks a large blocking high pressure system over the southwest has prevented any prolonged cold breaks or precipitation. This was associated with a huge trough centered in the Gulf of Alaska that kept any and all weather systems from impacting Wyoming. But that is about to change as finally an upper level trough is going to be moving ashore on the West Coast over the weekend. This may end our streak of tranquil weather and bring some snow chances to the Cowboy state. Though models have been trending to colder temperatures next week, it’s becoming more and more likely that the low pressure will develop to the northeast of the Capitol City. Meaning snow may fall on the Plains, but becoming less likely here. In addition, that trough rolling through our region Monday will really strengthen in the Eastern United States later next week, and may bring news making cold to the Eastern US.
The current time frame for the potential snowfall will be late Monday night. Models had been divided over where the snow will fall and how much. But over the last day it’s becoming more likely that the snow will miss southeast Wyoming. Currently the mountains are the best bet to see some accumulating snow as upsloping winds will aide developing snow bands. Models had been trending towards accumulating snow here in the Capitol City as well, but recently model runs suggest little to snowfall here in Cheyenne. But one thing is looking very likely, much colder temperatures next week in southeast Wyoming. So prepare to bundle and for it to feel a whole lot more like winter!