What's in store for Cowboys football?

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Cheyenne, WY National signing day is one of the best ways to tell what we can expect from teams heading into the new season. Cowboys and Cowboys fans knew that Josh Allen was leaving. What else did we learn? There will be an open competition for his job.

Here is another thing we know, head coach Craig Bohl is a man with a plan. However, safety Andrew Wingard and defensive end Carl Granderson will be seniors next season and after that they will be gone. So the question is, what is Bohl doing to prepare for all of this?

"We have a plan in place and we have a lot of guys that have been repping a lot in practice and playing in some games, not extensively but you got two NFL guys here replacing NFL guys is never easy. It's going to be important they have their best year and I think they will. We're convinced that we have a good plan, but to strike that bar that's always hard."

After national signing day the Pokes added 11 new members to their defense. Wyoming signed four defensive lineman, three linebackers and four secondary members.