Downtown Candy Store Looking for new Location

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The owner of a candy store museum in downtown announced on social media he was going to relocate, but now he's deleted those comments.

The Cheyenne Candy Store Emporium Museum was titled as a museum three weeks ago.

The owner told CBS Newschannel 5 in a voicemail he deleted the social media posts this afternoon because the comments took a different turn about other things not related to his candy store.

This all started when the owner posted he had to relocate his store because of an issue with his lease. It went on to say he would be looking for other areas to move.

That post created a lot of comments about seeing a Cheyenne downtown business possibly leaving town.

We spoke to some loyal customers about what they thought. One customer, Bradely Hammond, talked about how he would feel if the business leaves.

"I will miss this place if he does shut down, because this is my favorite candy store downtown."

The owner says he would like to stay in Cheyenne if he can find a place to move his business.