New Leadership at the Downtown Development Agency

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - The Downtown Development Agency's mission is to improve Cheyenne's downtown.

The agency is staffed by four women - all relatively new. And they are bringing some fresh perspectives to Cheyenne.

Vicki Dugger, Desiree Brothe, Fatma Inal-Falls, and Esther Gonzales focus on improving Cheyenne physically, economically and socially.

Fatma Inal-Falls created Business Spot Light, which aims to engage local Businesses.

"I started sharing the story of the business owners and engaging them with the rest of Cheyenne." Inal-Falls said. "How did they open their business, what inspired them to open their business, what kind of entrepreneurial stories they have."

Gonzales focuses on cleaning up the downtown area.

"We've been continuously picking up trash," Gonzales said. "We really care about our downtown. We want it to be pretty. We want it to be clean."

Brothe is the backbone of the Facade Improvement Grant Program, which helps business owners improve the front-face of their building.

"I mean this year alone we are going to leverage $130,000 out of our line item towards efforts for that program." Brothe said.

Dugger, the DDA's Executive Director, says much of their success relies on changing how some residents view their city.

"Lets celebrate who we are," Dugger said. "Lets put our energy in what we've got, lets look at the potential of what we can do, and let's ban together and love this community."

Developers spent almost $10 million last year, which is an increase of almost $9 million from the year before.