ENDOW Bills Moving Forward

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - The House is moving forward with some important economic bills.
Lawmakers say they are an attempt to diversify the economy in an attempt to make Wyoming less reliant on the extraction industry.

One bill related to the Governor's ENDOW initiative would expand broadband by providing funding for broadband to enable local areas to work with providers.
"In the nature of the world economy now you need that to be able to compete and start up businesses," Rep. Andy Schwartz said.

Another measure being put forward would fund the marketing of Wyoming Beef and Agriculture internationally in an effort to diversify agricultural consumers.

And the third economic effort would put the state in charge of commercial air services in an attempt to increase services in rural places like Sheridan and Riverton.

"Without air service how do you get industry to come," Rep. Albert Sommers said. "If industries can't fly to your communities, or regionally in Wyoming, or get out to smaller communities, we're just not going to be relevant."

These three bills will be moving onto a third reading tomorrow. And if the House passes them, they will be the first pieces of legislation inspired by the ENDOW Council.