Sixth penny special election closing in

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The time to vote early for the 6th Penny Tax Special Election is running out.

With about 10% of Laramie County’s votes in, the County Clerk Deborah Lee says the numbers are encouraging. Lee says that similar elections to this one have seen about 50% of the county vote. Nonetheless, she says that this election is still very important.

"While we don't have candidates on the ballot,” she says, “We have things that affect people's lives. Their safety, their security, their recreation, all aspects of life."

Early voting for the 6th Penny ends Monday. Lee says that it is probably too late to mail in absentee ballots, so absentees will need to deliver their ballots personally to the Count Clerks Office.

The actual election begins Tuesday, May 2nd, and there will be 12 different voting stations throughout Laramie County..