Election 101: what you need to know for election day

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- - How do I register to vote?
To Register to vote in Wyoming you must …
• Be 18 years old on Election Day.
• Be a U.S. Citizen.
• Be a resident of Laramie County.
• Not be a convicted felon.
• Not have been adjudicated mentally incompetent.
• Present a valid photo ID.
• Have withdrawn from a previous jurisdiction (if applicable).
• You can register at the Laramie County Governmental Complex in the atrium until Monday November 7th or register on election day at any polling location.

- Where can I vote?
On election day you can vote at any of the 13 vote centers from 7 am to 7 pm in Laramie County...
• David R. Romero Park, 1317 Parsley Boulevard, 638-4392
• Storey Gym, 2811 House Avenue, 771-2100
• Kiwanis Community House, 4603 Lions Park Drive, 637-6429
• Cheyenne Berean Church, 5716 Powderhouse Road, 634-1238
• Cheyenne Alliance Church, 5200 Ridge Road, 635-1014
• First Congregational Church, 3501 Forest Drive, 632-9389
• VFW #1881, 2816 E 7th Street, 638-8886
• Gilchrist Elementary School, 1108 Happy Jack Road, 771-2285
• Yellowstone Baptist Church, 9204 Yellowstone Road, 635-0352
• Laramie County Community College, 1400 E College Drive, 778-1291
• Laramie County Fair, 3965 Archer Parkway “M’ Bldg, 633-4670
• Burns Plex, 327 S Main St, 547-2206
• Pine Bluffs Community Center, 708 Lawson Street, 245-3301

- What is on the ballot?
• The ballot will include candidates for President, US Representative, State Legislature, County Commissioners, (For Cheyenne: Mayoral and City Council), School Board, LCCC Board
• There will also be three ballot propositions
• A link to find your sample ballot can be found in our related information section. Follow the link and then type in your address to see what your ballot will look like

Other information from Laramie County Clerk, Debra Lee:
• Use the stylus when voting, it makes it easier to make selections
• Be patient and kind with election judges
• Check the wait. On election day you can visit the Laramie County Clerk's website to see wait times at polling locations. A link can be found in our related information section. Scroll down to Vote Centers: Directions & Estimated Wait Times

If you are working on election day, state law states employees are allowed one hour to vote at the employers convenience. That hour is separate from a lunch break.