First day for the principal

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- When students at Cheyenne's Hobbs Elementary were asked who had the toughest job on the first day back to school, they all agreed that it's tougher for their principal.

For 13 years, Principal Randy Hurd has experienced what it's like on the first day back several times, and just like his students, he agrees it's always exciting but also overwhelming.

Hurd said, "It's definitely a challenging job, there's just so much to do, but it's also a fulfilling job."

He says the Hobbs staff has been working and prepping before the students came in- a job he couldn't do alone. He added, "We've grown like a family, so we're pretty close. They never let me down because we've been doing it for a while now and I can depend on them."

Many of the students spent their first day getting acquainted with the building. Hurd says with over a hundred new students and kindergarteners, it can be quite a challenge.

Although there are many challenges for the students on their first day back, Hurd says he has his own challenges and goals for the school year. His top priority: learning all the kids names.

Hurd said, "I always had a goal to try and get to know the kids by name." With over 400 students, he says that is a task that is very difficult for him. He can always recognize their face and know who they are, but memorizing all the names can be difficult.

Even with all the challenges, Hurd says there is nothing quite like the job of a principal. He said, "I feel like any principal is making a difference. Sometimes we don't see that difference, but I know we can make a difference with these kids."