Game animal license limitations

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - Just as grizzly bears make it off the endangered species list, lawmakers might be lifting the law that currently allows hunters only one grizzly bear or mountain in a lifetime.

House bill 58, game animal license-limitations, targets big or trophy game animals.

Some lawmakers say the incentive comes from a spreading disease among mountains goats, and allowing hunters the chance to hunt more of them would lessen the spread of this deadly disease.

It also means the bill would grant the game and fish department all the control when it comes to hunting these two animals.

"I just feel like it was giving too much power to the agency," House Rep Mark Jennings said. "And I wanted the legislature to be part of that process."

A similar law was introduced last year, but did not pass through the senate.

The sponsor of the bill is the retired warden of The Game and Fish Department.