Gov. Mead calls on lawmakers to support bills this session

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Governor Mead addressed the state legislature for the final time Monday morning before the 64th session began.

In his speech, Mead took time to thank many people he has worked with during his term. They include Education Superintendent Jillian Balow, the Wyoming National Guard, numerous Judges and Justices and many more.

Mead also made a listed of successes during his time in office including:
-making government smaller
-built up the rainy day savings
-creating long term strategies like water plans
-building technology and connectivity statewide
-delisting animals and work on the endangered species act
-work on suicide prevention and resources
-working with Native American tribes and tribal council

While he spent a good majority of his speech highlighting successes of the last 8 years, the Governor also called on state lawmakers to support specific items this session including:
-Education Funding
-The Veterans Skilled Nursing Center
-Focusing on maintaining things we already built
-Hospital, College and University of Wyoming Projects
-Investing in Cyber security

Mead also said lawmakers must keeping funding economic diversification efforts and promoting other great aspects Wyoming has to offer like outdoor recreation.

After his remarks the 20 day legislative session began which will be primarily devoted to crafting the next 2-year budget.