Governor Matt Mead discusses how to respond to natural disasters

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WYOMING. (KGWN) - After discussing his budget, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says it's important to respond to natural disasters proactively.

In was only a couple years ago that Wyoming spent nearly 45 million dollars on numerous wildfires in the state.

The governor says currently homeland security has 695 dollars in its account, saying it clearly needs to be addressed.

Governor Mead is recommending the legislature allow emergency borrowing authority from LSRA to the tune of twenty million dollars.

This would allow money from the rainy day fund to be borrowed, which the governor says is vitally important.

Governor Mead says, "We're asking for that authority going forward because regardless of the natural disaster, I want the state to be prepared in a way that protects property, but most importantly the life and safety of the citizens of Wyoming."

The governor had requested emergency funds for homeland security last year, but legislature declined that request.