High school boys and girls basketball standings

Cheyenne, Wy- It's tournament time! State or regional depending on the class, and there are new boys basketball standings out. Keep in mind that the 7th place team at the end of the regular season is not invited to the regional tournament. With that being said, Thunder Basin has been eliminated.

East gets the number two spot, followed by Central at 8-4, 13-10. South is in 5th place at 5-7, 10-13, Laramie is 4-8 and 10-14 sitting in the 6th spot. In 2A Pine Bluffs takes the number one spot. Right now they are 8-0 and 24-1.

Same for the girls so the 7th place team that is not invited to the regional tournament is South. Here is a look at the standings:

East takes is currently number 3 at 8-4 and 17-7, Laramie in the 4th spot at 5-7, 10-14, Central rounding out the top 5 at 4-8, 11-13, South in 7th 0-12, 4-20.

In the 2A class Pine Bluffs takes second at 7-1 and 20-6.