Highlights of Day 6 in the Wyoming Senate

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- The Wyoming Senate is passing another 12 bills onto the House side for consideration.

Two of the bills we have covered before relates to the military community. The Military Service Relief Act, which could allow deployed military members to suspend TV and cell phone services while deployed. The other would declare Wyoming as a Purple Heart Day and August 7th as Purple Heart Day.

Another bill that we have covered before is adding pink to the approved hunting colors. The bill is sponsored by Laramie County Senator Affie Ellis and is aimed to give hunters more choices.

Also passing the Senate is a bill that deals with interfund loan accounts and interest rates. This bill saw some back and forth on the floor in the final reading as an amendment that would allow the school construction fund to loan from the Mineral Trust Fund. Even though that amendment failed to gain support, the bill over all passed a final vote. The measure will allow the schools foundation account to borrow funds for projects with a 0% percent interest rate.

Other bills heading to the House side include:
-SF06 Real estate exemption restoration
-SF12 Public Service Commission-member qualifications
-SF16 Financial assurance-class I and V UIC wells
-SF52 Worker’s compensation-rate discount
-SF53 Small water projects
SF54-Water development project requirements.
-SF89 Local government distributions
-SF90 First judicial district – number of district judges

The bills that passed a final vote on Monday now head to the House for introduction.

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