Home fire safety doesn't stop at the door

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Home fire safety doesn’t stop at the door. There are many fire risks outside the home. You may have these in your backyard. Here are some ways you can keep your home safer from outside fire.

-Grilling Make safe outdoor cooking a priority.
Move the grill away from siding, decking, and other things that can catch fire. Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill when it’s hot. Stay with the grill the entire time you’re cooking. Keep your grill clean so leftover grease and fat won’t catch on fire.

Fireworks are dangerous to people and pets. Using them puts your property at risk. The best way to stay safe from fireworks is to not use them. Instead, attend a public fireworks display put on by professionals.

-Backyard Fire Pits Permanent and portable fire pits bring fire danger to your home.
You can prevent fire or burn injury with these simple steps Make sure the fire pit is at least three feet away from your house and anything that can burn. Closely watch children when the fire pit is in use. Use a metal screen over wood-burning fires to keep sparks from floating out. Turn off or put out fires before you leave the backyard. Store matches and lighters out of children’s sight and reach.