Home owner keeps the Halloween spirit alive

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- On the corner of Marshall Road and Virginia Court, you might find yourself surrounded by the living dead.

Cheyenne home owner Nick Elliott says he has always loved Halloween, even at a young age. For the past three years, Elliott has been adding more to his collection and going above and beyond each year to give trick-or-treaters a fun scare.

The front lawn of his home has a zombie theme, and to the side is a row of creepy clowns. If you look closely, you might spot a coffin, alien or even some well-known terrifying characters. To top it off, recently, Elliott added a real hearse that he purchased from a funeral home in Colorado.

The Halloween lover says his collection has cost him more than $10,000. Although the thrill comes at a high cost and involves several hours of set-up, he says it's all worth it. He says people always drive by and the community feedback has been positive. When visitors pass by, it's not just the dead they see alive, but Elliott says it's also the Halloween spirit.