How Cheyenne is expanding

Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - Sweetgrass is about 23 hundred acres. It is located by the intersection of East College Drive and Avenue C and is currently not developed. There is a plan to turn the area into housing and business space.

Dicky Shanor, of Cheyenne City Council, says, "This is important because in terms of where Cheyenne can grow into the future, annexing this property, and getting this development moving is going to have a significant effect.”

City officials predict that this expansion will impact economic, commercial, and residential opportunities. To move this project forward, a zone change has been passed in City Council to make this land in Cheyenne City limits.

Now this development can move forward. Since this area is located so close to Laramie County Community College, CBS NewsChannel 5 spoke with students. Some said they wanted more activity and to make Cheyenne a hub, while others were concerned about increased traffic that could come with the Sweetgrass development.