ION hair dyers and electric blanket recalls

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Wyoming, Wyo - Ionic Pro hair dryers are being recalled, the hand-held hair dryers were sold under the ISO Beauty and Proliss brand names. The recall involvs the Ionic Pro 2000 and 2000w, at the bottom rear of the dryers “ISO” or “Proliss” is printed and model number HD-1820.

The dryers were sold in black, white, white pearl, peacock, white zebra, pink leopard, blue and giraffe. The cord can become brittle near the base of the dryer, posing burn hazards.

It’s suggested you stop using the hair dryer immediately and contact ISO beauty for instructions on removing the cord and receiving a refund.

There have been 35 reports of the dryers sparking or smoking, including two reports of flames coming from the dryers and three reported burn injuries to hands or fingers.

With cold temperatures swooping in, you need to know Rural King is recalling their electric blankets and throws. The cord can overheat and catch on fire, creating fire and burn hazards.

The blankets are 100% polyester and were sold in cream and brown colors in two sizes, 50 x 60 inches, smaller than a twin size, and 84 x 90 inches, equivalent to queen size. There are one or two multi-setting controllers attached to the electric cord.

Model numbers start with BLV-OB and end in either 200, 201A, 201B, 201C, 202, 202BN, 202CM, 203, 204A1, 204A2, 204A3, 204A2BR, 204A2CM, 205B1, 205B2, 205B3, or 206C1. Those numbers can be found on a corner tag with Matton Rural King Suplle, inc printed on the back of the tag.

You should immediately stop using the recalled blankets and throws and contact Rural King for a full refund. So far, there have been four reports of the blankets and throws overheating, with two incidents resulted in fires and one burn injury to a consumer’s foot.