Keane's Keys: Wyoming vs. EMU

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. The Wyoming football team faces Eastern Michigan Friday night in Ypsilanti.

Here are Kevin Keane's keys to the game as the Cowboys look to tame the Eagles after a short week of rest.

Number one:

Start the game fast.

Both teams are dealing with fatigue.

Cowboys coming from altitude are playing this one down near sea level. They'll have to use that to their advantage Friday night.

Start off playing uptempo ball, get to the line of scrimmage, and snap the ball quick. Run Brian Hill and tire their defense early.

Number two:

Get to quarterback Todd Porter.

The JUCO transfer's already throw four interceptions this year. If the UW d-line can pull some stunts, especially to get Carl Granderson loose, It could be a long day for the Eagles offense.

Number three:

Play with some vengeance.

Eastern Michigan won one single game last year, and it was against the Pokes.

EMU put Josh Allen out for the season in that game. He and the Cowboys shouldn't have any problem playing with some extra tenacity in this one.