Kids in Wyoming may be learning how to code

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Kids in Wyoming may be learning to code. The re-calibration committee has decided to move forward with a number of recommendations regarding computer science.

Hand typing on a keyboard.

Computer science is not something that students here have been required to know. At the Wyoming Department of Education, they have focused on partnerships between the world of education and the industry.

One topic that keeps coming up is students knowledge of computational thinking and computer science skills including coding.

Jillian Balow, Wyoming's State Superintendent of Public Instruction, says, "My goal as state superintendent is to ensure that computational thinking, computer science, and coding is not just taught as a single class in a student’s education career, but is taught as part of a student’s education kindergarten through 12th grade."

Balow explains she would like every student to have access to learn more about technology.