LCCC students helping classmates have access to food

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Like in many other places around the area, food insecurity on the Laramie County Community College Campus is a significant issue. One student-run program on campus is giving back to ensure their fellow classmates have access to food and hygiene products.

People often don’t realize that many students are raising families while going to school and are facing an already tight budget at home. Also for other students this is their first time away from home and they may not have a schedule that allows them the flexibility to eat and shop at traditional times of the day.

The Food Pantry started a few years ago as part of a service learning project for business students on campus. One of the creators, Jeri Greigo says, “Students were hungry. Being hungry affects your ability to study, it affects all kinds of things."

Since then, the pantry location has moved to the Crossroads Building and receives over 60 visitors every week. The students running the pantry say they’ve seen those numbers increase with the new more central location on campus.

The new location also allows for more discretion for students getting help with a separate entrance and exit. The college says, “There is absolutely no shame at all in using this service, but we were aware that some people felt a possible stigma attached to it. We want to minimize any hurdles to using this space that we can.”

The pantry is fully stocked with everything from breakfast to dinner and toilet paper to shower and laundry products. The only real requirement to use the pantry is that you have to be a registered student at LCCC. Other than that, students can visit twice a week and get 6 food items and 2 hygiene products each time.

Ultimately, LCCC says their goal is to find ways to help students succeed.

People in the community are welcome to donate non-perishable goods, but the LCCC Foundation will also gladly accept donations of money. Monetary donations help them keep the area stocked with the most needed items, especially in high-usage periods.

If you would like to donate contact the LCCC Foundation at 307-778-1285 or

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