LCCC students say a new sports center is needed

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN)- Laramie County Community College students say the new sports/ athletic center is needed on campus. The athletic center currently at the college was originally built in 1972.

If Laramie County residents vote yes to the bond, the planned renovation of the recreation and athletics center will cost 14.2 million. Nearly 80 percent of the costs to build the new sports center will be covered by the bond. The remainder will be paid for through increased student fees.

Student athletes we spoke with say the weight room is too small, the gym is not in regulation for some sporting events and there is not enough room for aerobics equipment.

Student athlete Payton Stack said," This is extremely important to all athletes, all athletes would benefit from this facility and I think the community could benefit from the facility too."

You can still vote in the election for the LCCC Bond. Voting will stay open until 7 pm on Tuesday, November 7th. To view voting locations, go to