LCCC students say more on-campus housing is needed

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Having the ability to get on-campus housing was a determining factor for two sophomore students at Laramie County Community College.

LCCC Student Ziggy Di Lella says being an out-of-state student from Montana would have made it impossible to attend the college if he wasn't able to get in one of the residence halls on campus. With limited affordable housing in Cheyenne, Di Lella says it's a struggle for many students. He said, "I had to sign up for the dorms all the way back last semester."

LCCC Student Mariah Scharosch says having the opportunity to live on campus really affected her decision, as well. Being from Hanna, Wyoming would have required her to commute almost two hours a day. And with poor weather conditions, the student said it would have been a challenge.

As an RA, Scharosch said it's important to not only get more students for more programs, but she also said, "I can get to classes easier, I can see friends easier, I can have a more social life, I can make sure to get my homework done on time because I'm actually living here."

Laramie County voters are deciding to approve $8 million of the $28 million residence hall during the November 7 LCCC Bond Election. The new on-campus housing would include 350 beds, kitchens, classrooms and communal spaces for students to study together.

Last year, LCCC said they had 598 applicants show interest in on-campus living, but only had 276 beds available. The college says the demand is present.

Di Lella added, "It guarantees bringing in more students. That right there is an incredible benefit that it's impossible to ignore."