Laramie County Fire District 2: The need for a new station

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Laramie County Fire District 2 currently has the largest geographical serving area in Laramie County and serves more than 33,000 people. Laramie County Fire District 2 Chief Jason Caughey says their amount of service has significantly increased over the last few years and their current location and fire station isn't keeping up with the rapid changes.

LCFD2 says they responded to 1,005 calls for service last year, making them the second busiest fire district in Laramie County. Over the last five years, they had a 55% increase in calls.

The station off of Yellowstone was built back in 1975, and Chief Caughey says a new station is necessary to keep up with their service and for proper use of their staff.

Some of the main reasons for this need of a new station include the following:
-the current station is over 40 years old
-it does not properly accommodate large, modern fire/ rescue vehicles due to height and length restrictions
-lacks facilities for 24/7 staffing
-does not have proper heating and cooling

The new station in Proposition 9 is a five acre tract near Horse Creek Road and Interstate 25. The Laramie County Commissioners authorized $2 million for this station.

Chief Caughey says to properly serve the Cheyenne community and its surrounding areas, the new station is a need rather than a want.

For residents who haven't already filled out an absentee or early ballot, the Sixth Penny Sales and Use Tax Election will be on May 2 from 7am-7pm.

For more information, check out the full morning interview with Chief Caughey.