Laramie County Sen. Ellis sponsoring 2 bills moving forward

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Laramie County Senator Affie Ellis had a busy day on Wednesday during the Legislative session.

Ellis introduced two bills she is sponsoring this session which passed the introductory vote.

The first bill would add fluorescent pink to the approved hunting colors in Wyoming. Ellis says it’s not about trying to attract or appeal to women, but about safety. She is putting forth the bill to give hunter a choice men and women alike.

Another bill introduced by Ellis would promote the 150th celebrations of the Anniversary of the Fort Laramie Treaty. This measure gives the state an opportunity to promote the celebrations and tourism so people around the country can be excited about learning more about this historic place in our state.

Sen. Ellis also took a moment on the Senate Floor Wednesday morning to welcome women involved in the Leap into Leadership Conference. This program she supports gives women the tools to learn about running for office, the commitment it means, and teaches them how to do it if they are interested. The goal is to help women get more involved in civics in Wyoming.

Both measures, Hunting Pink Color and Fort Laramie Celebrations, head to committee reviews.

A similar bill in the House is also moving forward and would commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Treaty on Fort Bridger.

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